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I spent over a decade as a federal IT contractor, and another decade in various companies before that. I estimate that the amount of time wasted on meetings is in the range of 22-30 thousand hours, or around 45-55% of my career. It is a major reason that I hated working in an office, the time wasted. We each have but a finite amount of time in this life and if I must spend some of that time at work I'd rather it be useful time spent, rather than just watch it pointlessly drift away. The tedium was oppressive. Half day and full day meetings, sometimes several hour meetings where each person only has 5-10 minutes relevant to them. It was deeply depressing and demoralizing. Fortunately I'm now in a job where that doesn't happen. There are meetings, but they are small and productive and don't run longer than necessary. I now spend less than 10% of my time in meetings. That seems a reasonable level.

The time I spend with my kids, my love, my friends, my family, I cherish each and every moment. Not only because I might never see them again, but because even if I live to 105 there is not enough time, there is never enough time. I hate wasting it. As Henry Rollins noted "When you waste my time, you are KILLING ME! Just a tiny bit, but you are killing me."

Let go of the little distractionsHold close to the ones that you loveCause we won't all be here this time next yearSo while you can, take a picture of us -Frank Turner - Polaroid Pictures 
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